It was a typical spring Saturday, and I was invited to brunch. Of course, I said yes! Instantly, my mind pictured fluffy and decadent French toast along with an array of exotic and perfectly harmonized cocktails, and then throw in a chance of having an adult conversation with my friends... I started singing to myself; this is going to be a fun day! A day free of children’s movies, which my two children had so lovingly added a whole days’ worth to our DVR. Despite my eagerness to escape the monotony and enjoy some adult time, mommy duties unexpectedly took precedent, at which point, the picture of French toast and exotic cocktails slowly started to blur in my mind.
Craving something special, I searched for one of my aunt's homemade watermelon jam recipes. Inspired, I wondered about the potential of adding a boozy twist to jams. Finding no existing recipes for boozy jams, I took matters into my own hands (since clearly, I was in for the day). I created my first batch of boozy jam, Peach Bellini, that Saturday, the foundation was established for On the Rocks Gourmet Jams.
Our gourmet jams blend flavorful liquors with the freshest fruits, offering a unique twist that enhances the flavor of any dish, or it can serve as a perfect garnish. Ideal for entertaining at home, these jams can elevate your hosting experience, adding a touch of sophistication even when you're unable to venture out. Each jar promises to transform the ordinary into something truly extraordinary.
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